Casa de Refugio House of Refuge


About Us

What is our Mission?  What is our goal?
     For the Grace and Glory of God I respond to God's calling as a Pastor, in which it's a privilege to do His Divine Will.  I give to God all the Glory and thanks for giving me also the Women Ministry, to teach, to counsel, to preach.  I was formed by God, separated by God, sanctify, appointed by God, anointed by God before I was born with this purpose.  To God Be The Glory.  I can surely say that we're God's Instruments, who in all moments receive his instruction, His strength, His Vision, His Power, His Help.  I give thanks to my family and friends for their effort and support.

Our Mission.
     Is to follow and fulfill the example of Christ, Is. 61: 1,2. What is our goal? To put in action the vision that God has given and most of all, Heaven.  2021 is a Supernatural Manifestation Season.  Season of God's Blessings and Harvest from the Lord. God sends to the Ministry a Powerful Anointing in which we enter into new dimensions; Season of Spiritual boldness and Expansion.